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EWU Science Club started its journey on August 14, 2004. Since then, the club is successful in maintaining its glory as one of the best clubs of East West University.

In the beginning, EWU Science Club did activities like arranging workshops, seminars on different issues related to science and technology. Every activity arranged by this club was highly appreciated among the students and teachers at East West University. With these appreciations, EWU Science Club dreamed to do something even larger.

Arranging the first Interuniversity Mathematics Olympiad, 2008(IUMO, 2008) is the result of that dream of doing something big and challenging. Hundreds of students participated in that very first IUMO from different universities of Bangladesh. The presence of highly esteemed and glorified teachers at different universities made that event bigger and brighter.

The success of first IUMO’2008 gave the club courage of arranging the second IUMO in July 2009. This time it was bigger than the first one and spontaneous participation of different universities made it successful. It was the true celebration of love and passion for mathematics. Also, this event got high appreciation from mass media. It was rated as one of the very important events in the field of university-level mathematics competition.

With the experience of these two successful IUMO, EWU Science Club is going to arrange the third IUMO on April 1, 2011. And the club promises to do everything necessary to make it a success.

EWU Science Club organized series of workshops on 3D Studio Max, besides workshops seminars on MATLAB, Nano Transistors, etc takes place every now and then. EWU Science Club also celebrates its grand anniversaries every year. Day-long programs are normally organized in the anniversaries. In the 5th year celebration EWU Science Club organized three-day-long celebrations, including one day-long workshop on MATLAB, quiz competitions, cultural activities and the prize giving ceremony among the winners and the most active members of this club. In December 2010 EWU Science Club organized 2day long study tour at Betbunia satellite station, Rangamati. It was a memorable and learning tour for the students who are doing projects and going to be graduated soon.

EWU Science Club also welcomes refreshers of the university every year with cultural programs and brainstorming quiz competitions.

This club is slowly but surely giving training to the student to become smart and intelligent citizens of this country. Old students related to this club are now doing great in their working fields. EWU Science Club is very fortunate to have two great faculty members Ms. Anindita Paul and Khondker Zakir Ahmed as the club moderators. Their support and encouragement are the inspiration for this club to go ahead.

EWU Science Club promises to organize lot more interesting, innovative and intelligent programs related to science and technology in near future.

The objective of the club includes arranging workshops and seminars on different issues related to science and technology. In these programs faculty members of EWU or external experts can be the keynote speaker. The objective of this club also includes organizing competitions among students and publishing journals on devoted topics on science subjects and on lectures delivered in seminars or workshops.

The club members organized many workshops, seminars, and competitions, which were participated by a large number of students. The club arranged workshops on (i) Tagore and Science, (ii) Modern Science (iii) Interuniversity Math Olympiad and implication of science for Society, etc. Students also showed their interest to be the keynote speaker of the workshop/s; and some of them proved their efficiency in particular topic/s. Another great achievement of the club was the intra-university mathematics competition, and its success influences the club members to conduct an inter-university mathematics competition.

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