Welcome to EWU Agro Industrialization Club

Agro Industrialization Club of East West University(EWUAIC), established on April 1, 2011, is the first initiative among the private universities of Bangladesh to represent the process of industrialization of agro products and to uphold our agricultural economy globally.

From the time immemorial to till now, Bangladesh has been the agriculturally privileged country in the world and agriculture is the most important and inevitable sector of Bangladesh.

We believe that the private sector can also play a significant role in our agricultural economy to keep pace with the competitive world along with the public sectors. And EWUAIC is performing this role proudly. EWUAIC holds 4 flagship events- EWU MarquePrey, EWU Supply Chain Challenge, EWU Agro Biz Expo, EWU Value String Challenge and has successfully completed 26 events. This club basically encompasses the people, ideas, attempts and resources all together to do agricultural products and service branding, innovation and industrialization through research and different types of activity performances. We always want everyone should have a transparent knowledge about how to make the best utilization of our agro products and their supply chain so that Farmers and our economy can be mostly benefited.

We Pave the Way-

  • To contribute to society.
  • To know our agriculture and its supply chain.
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • To develop self-confidence. 
  • To become a good public speaker.
  • To develop communication skill
  • To practice universal brotherhood.
  • To become a leader.
  • To think about sustainable development.

We Perform Through-

  • Arranging diversified Intra and National level competition, seminars, workshops and training.
  • Arranging fairs in which both local and global agro products, service and equipment are displayed and sold.
  • Utilizing talents of East West University doing effective research and study on agro industry.
  • Arranging industrial visits to understand the complete picture and supply chain process of the agro industry.
  • Arranging motivational tour in different locations to make members more energetic and knowledgeable to think practically.