Welcome to East West University Sociology Club

East West University Sociology Club is one of the most proactive clubs of East West University where students can participate in various social activities to improve their knowledge and management skills by generating and implementing new ideas and creative works for positive changes.

EWU sociology club was established on 25th October 2018 with the initiative of the Department of Sociology, East West University. Under this club, we have an Executive body which is supervised by the moderators of the club who are also faculty members of East West University.

EWU Sociology club gives opportunities to students to discover their potentialities. Here, students are able to develop their interpersonal skills by working in groups; they are also able to develop their organizational and leadership skills.

Some of the major events covered by EWU Sociology clubs are various seminars and workshops on social issues like- Suicide prevention, Youth leadership, Awareness regarding reproductive health, and so on. EWU Sociology club also arranges programs that uphold the spirit of our nationalism. To name a few: “নতুন প্রজন্মের সূচনা”, “শত কন্ঠে স্বাধীনতা”, “উনিশ নয় বিশের একুশ”-- those were based on the movements of International Mother Language Day and Liberation War of 1971. Through this club, we are fulfilling our responsibilities as the students and responsible citizens of this country and thereby enhancing the image of the university.