Welcome to EWU Sports Club

Born during the summer of 1997, EWU Games & Sports Club, currently known as East West University Sports Club (EWUSC) emerged with the immense contribution of the aspirant students at this leading university of Bangladesh. EWUSC, as the only authorized club conducts all the sports activities in the university. Within a very short time, EWUSC has become one of the largest and most famous clubs in EWU and has attracted the keen attention of the sports aspirant students at East West University. EWUSC is also vibrant in mounting Faculty- Student relationships through its diversified activities. And with EWUSC’s cosmic activities EWUSC has been spectacularly successful in grooming leaders for the university as well as for the nation. EWUSC has imprinted its name all over the sky of success and proved itself to be the leading club in East West University.

In the field of activities, EWUSC has gone even beyond the horizons of its own space. It has been showing superb performance in conducting activities within and as well as beyond the sports arena. EWUSC has achieved the honor of patronizing sports in East West University from the very moment of its birth. EWU was the Champion of Clemon Indoor Uni Cricket 2014. The Cricket team was sent to Malaysia for a celebration tour. Earlier EWU Futsal Team won the Champion title in ‘seventeen university futsal cup 2013’. We have also shown our splendid organizing power even beyond the sports arena and have been sharing our captivating potentials with other clubs of EWU in various event management. EWUSC facilitates and volunteers all the significant events that take place in EWU. In addition to these events, we also conduct live projection of some very important international sports events, maintain the healthy environment of the recreation center etc. We have also organized female games & sports events for the first time in the history of private universities in Bangladesh in the year 2004.

Our winning team comes through our sincerity, dedication and excellence. EWUSC is looking forward to participating in the various sports in the National Arena. We dare to conceive the dream of sending a champion team for international tours. EWUSC is taking the initiative to encourage female students’ participation for the first time in EWU history. We do believe that we have it all to make you discover the mentor in you. Being a part of this club does not mean being only a part of a sports concentrated club. Rather, it means to be in an organization with superb management skills and to face the challenge to reach the sky. We are gratified to have the best management support to achieve all our success. Having such devoted & prompt management support has made us spirited to find the trace of success. We are working to make all EWUSC dreams come true. And above all, EWUSC does dream of being a better EWU and promises to give all its effort to keep the EWU Spirit Up.