Welcome to EWU Debating Club

The East West Debating Club was founded in the spring of 1999 and it is still going strong. The objective of the East West University Debating Club (EWUDC) is to promote oratory skills, inspire discipline, and build fraternity among debaters. These are the main objectives of EWUDC. It also aims at spreading the culture of seeking knowledge and encouraging positive discourses through debating both on campus, in-country, and worldwide. By conducting regular sessions for club members, we have built a community of enthusiastic learners and debaters. These sessions are often the platform where constructive criticism and vigorous arguments are presented and nurtured. In addition, we aspire to instil curiosity and the will to discuss controversial issues in a composed format amongst our members. With a history spanning over two decades, EWUDC has become one of the largest and most famous debating clubs in Bangladesh. This club has achieved twelve championship titles in the last two years from different national debating tournaments.

EWUDC hosts national tournaments that everybody in the debate circuit anticipates, such as the EWU Open Debate Tournament and the EWU Debate Spree. Furthermore, the club also organizes intra-club, intra-department, and intra-university debate tournaments. Members of EWUDC are regular achievers of distinctions in national tournaments, and grow to become respected individuals in the debate circuit of Bangladesh. EWUDC sends an average of six speakers to each competition, choosing them from a pool of over one hundred club debaters. The EWU Debate Team has won many Nationals in both Bangla and in English and was also awarded the best debating club of Bangladesh in 2004-2005 for its unparalleled debating achievements. Each year the club hosts its annual inter-university debating championship and saw over ninety teams enter last year, with two individuals per team.