Welcome to EWU Telecommunications Club

East West University Telecommunications Club was founded in early 2006 on 14th April by a group of students. Since then, EWUTC has been running as one of the most active student run clubs of East West University. The objective our club is to continuously disseminate and enhance student’s knowledge about the state-of-the-art telecommunication ideas and the IT job sectors. East West University Telecommunications Club always try to organize numerous workshops on IOT, Data Science, Cyber Security, CV Writing and seminars on Career Buildup, Digital World, Telecom Innovations etc. as a part of its knowledge disseminating process and these were often presided over by eminent experts of the industry. It has been arranging “National Entrepreneurship Summit” since 2018 to empower new ideas, innovations, and strategy to make a significant change in industry. It has been arranging the “Telco Warfare” since 2012 Nationally and since 2017 Internationally in Bangladesh successfully. It’s a competition in various sectors of IT, and programming. Almost 60 institutions and 2000+ participants of the country participate in the competition in different segments. This year we launched another National event titled "National Learning Fest". It has brought a unique opportunity for all the college and University students to learn and have hands- on experience on the topic which is badly needed in their job sectors and in university life.

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